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Does Miscarriage Makes Difficult to Get Pregnant Again

Does miscarriage makes difficult to get pregnant again? This is a confusion and doubt among couples. Miscarriage leave bitter memories for women who experience it. Many of those who managed to rise, to be pregnant and give birth to healthy children. But not a few who have difficulty to conceive again. Then how the real condition?

By Henry Lerner, MD, author of miscarriage: Why It Happens and How Best to Reduce Your Risks, miscarriage occurs in about 20 percent of pregnancies. However, the miscarriage does not affect the ability of women to get pregnant. Only, if you had three miscarriages in a row, this is a sign that there is an underlying medical problem. If you have this, you really have to get used to this problem, only then re-program the pregnancy.

But if you do not get pregnant despite having no health problems, no need to immediately think you are having infertility problems. The key to re-conceive after a miscarriage is to know the signs of ovulation, because then your hormones will change and balance it again after a few menstrual cycles.

Fertile women will experience a few days a month, and most fertile before and after ovulation. Your doctor will ask you to wait one full cycle before getting pregnant again (after miscarriage). Generally, you are advised to wait two or three months because at that moment the wall of the uterus is recovering.

What if you had an abortion for medical reasons, whether this will also affect fertility?

According to Randy Morris, MD, clinical professor for the division of reproductive endocrinologist at the University of Illinois Medical School in Chicago, abortion will affect fertility if you experience complications during or after the procedure. For example, the infection can leave scar tissue in the uterus, which can interfere with the planting of the eggs.

So in conclusion;
  • Miscarriages are not accidentally, do not cause trouble getting pregnant again, or does not affect ability to conceive. But that fell due to mental miscarriage of a woman, may lead to difficulty of ovulation in the womb.
  • Abortion is more than likely difficult or can not get pregnant, in case of complications during an abortion

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