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Provision Question for Pregnancy Control

Needs to do during pregnancy, the most important thing is to consult a doctor. Aiming for a healthy mother and her pregnancy until the baby is born. Consulted when there are certainly important questions to ask the doctor, for about the pregnancy. But if you do not have any certainty to what to ask your doctor, the following may help, provision question  for pregnancy control.

Surely every pregnant woman will have individual questions related to the condition of pregnancy respectively. For a visit to the doctor is really useful, complete berbekallah question. Here comes a list of questions.

How old is my pregnancy? 
Usually the doctor will determine the two parameters. The first of the first day of last menstrual period, and from the ultrasound examination. By knowing, on the first day of last period (especially if the mother's regular menstrual cycle), the doctor can determine more precisely the gestational age than women who forget that date. For mothers who forgot, to use an ultrasound examination. The earlier the ultrasound is done, the results of the determination of gestational age would be more accurately obtained. Even if most misses in just one or two days.

What checks should I do? 
Blood tests are highly recommended in early pregnancy, such as routine blood check (HB components, platelets, leucocytes, and hematocrit). It is to know the status of women in early pregnancy state in the laboratory, whether the state is less blood (anemia) or the presence or absence of infection given the generally frequent urinary tract infections in women.

Does my pregnancy normal or abnormal? 
With gestational age and standards of examination, it is likely to appear first is the existence of pockets of pregnancy. If the bag does not develop according to gestational age and no fetus was found in it means there is a disorder called the empty egg.

What supplements should be consumed?
Your doctor will advise mothers to take folic acid in the first three months of age before pregnancy or at least during the early trimester. The goal is to prevent the occurrence of congenital malformations in the fetus (Neural Tube Defect).

Can having sex?
Doctors are generally allowed throughout pregnancy had no complaints. 

Examples of the above question is general asked a woman with her partner on birth control, and should not be forgotten.

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