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Choose House Paint According to Your Character

Choosing house paint in accordance with the character can be more satisfying and comfort of your home later. True that the colors house paint can to determine the character of its owner, the owner of a soul. 
According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute and author of Pantone: The Twentieth Century in Color, the color that dominates the wall of the house was an expression of our personality. This is precisely what makes people happy and feel at home with his home state. For that, try to choose color house paint according to your character.

1. If you like the feel of warm colors 
Choice of colors that reflect the warmth, such as yellow, orange, or reddish, usually indicates the owner of the house was a cheerful and open. "They include people who are friendly and happy to entertain guests who come to his house," says Eiseman. The bright colors represent the personality of the energetic and friendly.

2. If you like cool shades 
According to some studies, people tend to associate the colors of pale blue, lavender, and green with the colors sky, water, and grass, with the need for comfort and tranquility. So, the people who love colors like this usually makes his home as an oasis of tranquility in a world that is so busy. Homeowners to paint like this also tend to be introverted. 

3. If you like the shades of rocks 
The colors are often the mainstay of the color of the dress as celebrities walked the red carpet on Oscar night conferment. Call it colors like ruby, emerald, sapphire, topaz up. Everything will make people who look stunned. Such is also the personality of people who choose shades of colors such as this to his wall. They are the ones that outgoing, confident, and creative. When painting walls with a colors like this, you want to get inspiration from the surrounding environment, which is then translated again through the work.

4. If you like the feel of a neutral color
 Paint the walls with colors stones gray, brown, beige, white or ivory, which reflects how likely you think classic and practical. This colors choice may be based on the premise that you do not want too much repainting the room because the color is timeless. Besides paint a wall like this would certainly fit with any room, from den to the bathroom. 

So, which one takes delight your soul. You should be able to feel the shades of the most appropriate home. Do not let one make sense of home decor that is uncomfortable or does not feel at home.

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