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7 Ways to Remove Facial Wrinkles

Wrinkles in face at a young age, could be a problem because it will reduce the beauty. It must be getting old age, the wrinkled face automatic. Maybe you already know some of the many ways to remove wrinkled face. For any additional knowledge, here are 7 ways to remove facial wrinkles
I do not feel desperate to maintain the appearance of beautiful skin, because with the right lifestyle, has been ample evidence that women aged over 40's with the skin is still smooth.

According Riani Susanto, ND, CT, naturopathy doctor and specialist detoxification, aging of the skin is partly due to contamination of toxic substances in the skin cells, which lack of oxygen circulation, mengerutnya skin tissue due to lack of fatty acids, and muscle mass. Frown lines and rough skin texture is a sign of poor levels of collagen beneath the skin.

  • Detoxify the liver by drinking carrot juice / bits / cucumber once a week. 
  • Drink warm water mixed with lemon juice. Dregs of lemon can be rubbed gently on the dark spots on the skin of the face. 
  • Consumption wholefood supplement containing hyaluronic acid and / or collagen booster and silica that can help regenerate skin cells aging.
  • Use a serum to add moisture and help repair the collagen beneath the skin. 
  • Apply sunscreen to avoid sun radiation, because the more often we are exposed to sunlight, the faster the aging or dull skin. 
  • Leave the habit of smoking or avoid secondhand smoke. Avoid stress and get enough sleep at night. 
  • Wash your face with soap and water before bed and matching in the morning. Ritual: Wash your face, then wipe the toner, moisturizer, sunblock, eye cream, loose powder, and the last make-up.

Most importantly, do a little exercise, is more optimistic face life, eat delicious foods rich in antioxidants, and diligent care for the skin.

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