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3 Insurance as The Risk Aversion

Choose for buy insurance an investment that has a economic value, be it a insurance soul or property. One's soul and possessions can be insured at the time to keep the risk of accident or health, so there is a grant from the insurance fund. Thus, health risk not only to be faced. You also need to prepare a plan to anticipate the occurrence of the three risks, health, death and property loss. So there are 3 insurance as the risk aversion.

Perhaps the way insurance is too important not to value the property or lives with little economic value. But insurance best fits into the way divert financial consequences arising from such risks.

1. Life insurance
Provide compensation in the form of the sum assured if the policyholder dies. Actually life insurance is not to protect you, but rather to protect the loss of income due to the risk of death at you. Life insurance is important to have if you become the backbone of the family.

2. Health insurance
Provide compensation pay the costs of care (inpatient) and medications. However, health insurance can not be taken, if you have sufficient funds available to pay medical expenses for one year.

3. Loss insurance
Reimburse the costs that occur outside kemarian risk and human health, such as loss of property, profession a good name for a lawsuit. For example, fire insurance (cover costs incurred by the fire house), home ownership insurance (covering all risks of damage to houses due to various reasons).
Car or motorcycle you should also be protected by insurance that could cover the costs of damage or risk of loss.
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