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Depressed Inhibit Breast cancer Therapy

Breast cancer that afflicts a troubling problem. The severity of this cancer early symptoms are often less aware. Data showed the American Cancer Society, more than 230,000 women this year diagnosed with breast cancer and about 40,000 of which are predicted not to survive the battle with terminal cancer.
Cure breast cancer performed by a routine therapy for patients. But found that depressed patients inhibit breast cancer therapy.

Recent research experts from the University of Missouri showed that certain factors such as marital status, children, income level and age also influence the likelihood of depression in survivors of breast cancer. According to researchers, the problem of depression in survivors of breast cancer tends to make them comply with drug therapies that have an impact on the delays in the progress of healing.

Ann Bettencourt, professor of psychology at the University of Missouri, has been studied which groups are most likely to experience symptoms of depression. He found evidence that single women and housewives are more likely to experience depression during their series of treatment efforts.

"Many women have strong support when they are diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoing treatment for cancer. But then social support is fading," said Bettencourt.
He added, "Our findings showed that both single women and mothers with children at home may require additional support throughout the year to be able to undergo treatment."

n his research, Bettencourt also connects with the income levels of depression and age factors. Women with lower incomes tend to experience an increase in depression. But women with high income, depressive symptoms may be reduced during treatment.

Young breast cancer survivors are also tend to have depression during treatment than older patients. But the level of depression will be the same after the older women completed treatment.
Bettencourt said, identifying the risk factors of depression in survivors of breast cancer is an important part of the prognosis (prediction of the possibility of recovery) women. In a separate study, it also connects the link between depression and patient intention to adhere to treatment plans.

The results showed that breast cancer patients are depressed (depression), are less likely to adhere to treatment. Depression can interfere with the willingness of patients to adhere to treatment regimens. Deviation of the treatment program would ultimately complicate efforts to cure the patient breast cancer.
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