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Relation of Proteins, Age, for Body building.

If you are a man want to have an athletic body shape, body building fitnees be an option. However, most people are afraid to start too early (answer: it's never too early, as long as the load is removed is not too heavy, fitness would have a positive effect on teen's body). Even so, more and more people who feel "too old" to start, or re-exercise.
On a fitness program, protein intake has been the main menu, but sometimes one feels not right to consume lots of protein. For that you might need to know the relation proteins, age, for body building.

(Never) Too Late for Redemption
Being a parent is considered synonymous with "fragile", "easy to hurt", and "not fit". But that only happens if, when young, the body is maintained with a healthy lifestyle. Studies show that long-distance runners have fewer health problems, especially the joints, and more slender bodied than their peers who rarely berolahraga1.

And, believe it or not, fitness is the key to achieving fitness in old age, even when you do not feel young again. Gym on a regular basis can to prevent body to sarcopenia, the muscle mass susutnya person due to aging, and the effect on the level kebugaran2. Still worry that you are too old and "weak" to lift the dumbbell? A research has shown, men and women aged 60 years who exercise regularly can have the same fitness level with someone who was 30 years old.

(How to) Reverse the Time
Sport, especially fitness, it will not make your skin tight again but, if done regularly, can restore your fitness as a young man. You are aged 55 years or more is recommended for fitness twice a week with light weights and high reps. Mentoring by a personal trainer may be needed, to to prevent mistakes that could cause injury (such as lowering the bar too low when bench press).

If you have entered the gym as part of your daily life, no matter whether you were 30 or even 60 years old, your daily protein requirement will be higher than those who are not fitness, about 1.6 to 2 grams per kilogram body weight perhari2. In fact, protein requirements for older people in fact do more, whether or not fitness routine. This is because the muscles in the elderly is more easily broken down than younger people, so the extra proteins needed to restore the muscles that have been unraveled.

Extra protein from which it originates? Unless you have a specific allergy (eg seafood allergy), you can get extra protein from anywhere. One study found an increase in muscle mass that is almost similar in older people who eat meat protein (beef) and soy protein (soy) 3. However, the aging of the mouth and teeth may cause difficulty eating meat is too tough, for example. Therefore, high protein dairy products can help you increase your daily protein intake to maintain muscle mass and, ultimately, your fitness.


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