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Identify Type of Exercise is Right for Yourself

Physical exercise or fitness is best suited to the characters themselves. Actually all kinds of good exercise to go through, but we can choose which one best suits the pleasure or necessity. Some people are like, sepekbola, gymnastics, tennis or swimming, or like any kind of exercise. But there are also just like gymnastics, or just fitness. But it could be confused in choosing an exercise program for yourself.

But the problem comes when the exercise becomes a heavy burden, as a condition that must be done to health. Need more motivation for people who are lazy to exercise. One of the many training programs engaged, is the fitness building the ideal body shape, an attempt to body beautiful, athletic, or maintain the condition body that has been formed.
Well, to determine the most appropriate, for this you need to identify type of exercise is right for yourself.

Identify the type of muscle, the body and the type of exercise

Before selecting and undergo training, it helps you know your body type, muscle and type of exercise. By knowing these three key words, you will be helped in determining the best type of exercise for you.

* Muscle Frame
The muscle in question here is striated muscle or skeletal muscles used for movement of the body. Types of skeletal muscle is generally divided into two fast-twitch muscle and slow-twitch. Fast-twitch muscles to contract quickly and also release energy in a very short time. Muscle is suitable for activities that require movement such as sprinting speed or power lifting.

While the slow-twitch is the opposite type, because this muscle to contract less rapidly and release energy gradually. This muscle is ideal for this type of exercise that requires endurance such as cycling or marathon.

* Body
The human body is itself a kind of mixture of different types of muscle, but usually there is one type of muscle the body's most prominent or dominant. Type the human body can be divided into three general categories namely:

1. Ectomorph (skinny talent)
If you are tall slender body with less fat you belong to this category. In this type, the body predominantly slow-twitch muscle, and perhaps you will succeed with this type of exercise is aerobic.

The bones of the 'ectomorph' are small and lightweight, with a little muscle and too little. Usually the body is higher than it should. People ectomorph is naturally not strong enough, he had to work very hard to form a mass on his body.

2. Endomorph (fat talent)
The main characteristic for this category is a round body and fat in people with type endomorph, fast-twitch muscle is more dominant.

Physical shadow is usually represented in the picture much terkontsentrasikan mass in the abdomen. This may be true or not. An endomorph arms and legs are usually short in length and size tend to be tapered.

* Type of Exercise
There are three basic forms of exercise that is aerobic, anaerobic and stretching. Any form of exercise is associated with three important elements that determine the fitness of strength, endurance and flexibility.

- Aerobics.
This exercise emphasizes endurance and cardiovascular fitness. This type requires a continuous movement in a long time and involve the entire cardiovascular system such as heart, lungs and blood vessels.

The main purpose of this exercise is a type of oxygen delivery efficiently. With the ever-increasing aerobic conditioning, the lungs can inhale oxygen better. Likewise, the heart and blood vessels that deliver oxygen to the muscles.

- Anaerobic
These types of exercises do not involve the aerobic system. Most of the energy obtained from glucose stored in muscle. Glucose is rapidly depleted due to the intense efforts that muscle becomes tired. Weight lifting is one example of type of of anaerobic exercise.

- Stretching
Stretching prior to exercise is needed in order to achieve the flexibility of the muscles to avoid injury. Muscle injury and will be vulnerable to illness if it does not stretch.

Other properties, stretching can relieve pain or soreness after hard work or exercise for eight hours or more, and cause the muscle to remain flexible. To achieve good results, do stretching before and after exercise in which muscles are getting hot. Ever, between 5-8 minutes.

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