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Not Good Often Brushing Teeth After Meals

How can a good brushing, twice a day is routine. In maintaining healthy teeth, do brush your teeth 2 times a day, have the right, in the morning and at night before bed. If there is an obsession to make the teeth become whiter, either way if you brush your teeth more often. Usually do so after eating. It was not good often brushing after meals.

May aim to brush your teeth after eating food that the former is missing from the mouth and bad breath to be fresh, but this habit even less justified. And after sikiat teeth, the mouth becomes clean, fragrant, so stay confident. The dentist said, this practice will only make the teeth become brittle, easily perforated, and porous. This process can occur due to very high levels of acid in the mouth.

Normally, levels of acidity in the mouth has a neutral pH in the range of 6-7. However, the entry of food into the mouth will decrease the pH of the mouth and become more acidic. Acid content in the mouth will be exacerbated by the type of food eaten, because some foods and drinks have high acidity, such as coffee, orange juice, milk, until the egg yolks.
Critical pH limit tolerated by the mouth is 5.5. Thus, when the food has a high degree of acidity into the mouth, oral cavity will be more acid and cause tooth erosion and demineralization process (the process of change leftover food into acids by bacteria in the mouth).

Brushing your teeth in the mouth of the highly acidic conditions will erode your teeth and make it porous. Because while brushing will distribute indirect acid layer to the entire surface of the tooth.
In the mouth while eating may be experiencing conditions that are very acidic with a pH reaches 4.5. This will make the toothpaste is alkaline (to neutralize the acid) is not functioning optimally.

However, this does not mean that you should not brush your teeth after eating. Only, wait until the condition of the mouth back to normal (neutral), or at least has a pH of 5.5 through a natural process that occurs in the mouth. Once the boundary conditions of the mouth close to neutral acidity, then brush your teeth as usual.

"Usually, the condition of the mouth will return to normal after 15 minutes. So, make it a habit to brush your teeth at least 15 minutes after eating so that tooth loss is not easy because the acid.

Sure is nice to know to always take care of dental health, so diligent brushing your teeth remain white. Routine every morning after breakfast, at night before bed and an additional day after lunch, it was very good. If the fear of bad breath caused by food residue, rinse with clean water after a meal is quite overcome.

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