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The Dangers of Stress on Health

Dangers of ongoing stress on health are more vulnerable. Not realize that often experience stress can weaken the immune system. Busyness, work, learn, pursue achievement, making the load feel more alive. Okay if we always approached the success of any business, but a different effect when it is often found failure. Sense of disappointment is very easy menyababkan stress. Maybe you need to know the dangers of stress on health.

Mental health, great relationship with the health body. Indeed selelu appear in each issue of what we try, but not to failure, stress makes the task of piling up on itself. Try to find out how to reduce stress.

Various studies show the stress associated with various diseases of modern man, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer and other illnesses, including impotence.
In a recent research indicated when the sympathetic nervous system stress will issue a wave of norepinephrine, which is a response to fight or escape (flight or fight). Meanwhile, the brain releases the hormone cortisol, the pituitary is flooding the blood stream.

Basically the stress response is intended to make us alert. Feeling the danger will come, for example a car would hit, the body releases stress hormones, so we are more alert, more agile and have fast reactions so that we can escape from danger.
But the body can not distinguish between physical and mental threat. Body response to stress was not much use when we are experiencing mental distress. So when we panic deadline, the body's reaction will be like when we would hit the car. If there is continued it will begin to cause problems.

"In all beings on this planet, stress is a short-term crisis with a response to deal with or avoid it. But as human beings when we sit we are also being plagued by a variety of things that cause stress and it takes place almost every day," says Robert Sapolsky, neurologists and Why Zebras Do not the author of Get Ulcers it.

When the body's system continues to face a stress reaction that had surfaced and disappeared many times, sometimes the control system becomes uncontrollable.
"Regulatory systems of the body become damaged. At first this will make people become super reactive to incidents of stress, but sometimes a long while the nervous system becomes exhausted and unable to respond properly again," said Nim Tottenham, a psychologist.
That's why "soldiers" guard the immune system becomes so weak that a virus or bacteria can invade the body without any resistance.

You have read this article, indicates that you want to be healthy. No need to worry about the problems of life, if we know the position and capabilities we are, everything can be overcome, find alternatives to be happier to keep away from the stress that can weaken the immune system.


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