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4 Types of Foods That Can Increase Sex Endurance

Want to increase your sex endurance, more muscular body, and fat 'expelled' from the body? Following this, the secret will be revealed four types of foods that can increase sex endurance. The key is actually quite simple, you just need to explore further the potential contained in the foods around you. What are the foods that increase endurance of sex ?

Here are four types of foods that can help men boost the quality of their manhood, especially improving one of the most crucial hormones for male sexuality, testosterone. Combined with regular exercise, diet and healthy lifestyle, mengasup these foods can improve the quality of your sexual manhood and strength

1. Beans. Grains of the magic of these vegetables contain zinc (zinc) which account for the above types of other vegetables. These minerals are known as elements of an effective testosterone booster. In fact, the zinc content of the beans to rival the red meat.

2. Wheat. Whatever kind of food prepared from wheat, contains components of Avena sativa. This element is stimulating hormone testosterone to drive through the blood flow in your body.

3. Cheese. A study reported in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that men who consume saturated fats (found in cheese) and unsaturated fats have high levels of testosterone in his body.

4. Spinach. Spinach leaves is rich in vitamin E which serves to maintain the supply of the hormone testosterone in the body. But remember, this intake do not consume more than one pack a salad every day. Servings of spinach that too much can increase your blood pressure.

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