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What Foods Can Prevent Diabetes, is an Onion

Probably a lot question 'what foods can prevent diabetes, one of which is an onion. True that onion (Allium cepa L) has a chromium content of the good. Chromium acts to prevent diabetes mellitus. Such as garlic, onions are also essential for health. Do the same as garlic

Slightly different from the garlic, onion sulfur components contained in allyl propyl disulphide form. This component yangberperan important in lowering blood glucose consumed so much better for diabetics.
Onions are also good for preventing heart attack and stroke. Sulfur components in onions will synergize with chromium and vitamin B6 to lower homocysteine levels in the blood. Onions also have anti-inflammatory properties

Isothiocyanates component (also found in broccoli) has been reported to inhibit cancer cells. These components are derived from a compound glukosinolates onions changed after being bitten, chewed and digested. Onions also contain flavonoid components are very good for preventing colon cancer.
Experts at the University of Bendi Switzerland has examined the benefits of onion on bone. Onion consumption is proven every day for 4 weeks to increase bone calcium concentration amplifier up to 17 percent.

Lots of vegetables and spices that have natural herbal health benefits. Eat fresh foods such as vegetables and fruits, because they have many benefits, such as one of the benefits of onions that have been described above

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