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Nutrient Content of Saffron Spice

What is the nutrient content of saffron spice, as a condiment with high prices. Saffron comes from the crocus flower stalk sativu namely the stigma. As the number of stigmas bit then do not be surprised if the saffron into one of the most expensive spices in the world. It is estimated that the price of 1 kg of saffroon could reach 10 million dollars.Saffron has been cultivated since 3000 years ago. Most of the saffron flower grown in the Mediterranean region to the eastern region of Kashmir.

Saffron Nutritional Content
Despite a bitter taste , but the aroma of saffron can make you become more fragrant dishes . The bitter taste of saffron began to fade when mixed into foods . Containing a variety of other essential nutrients such as unsaturated fats ) , proteins , carbohydrates , potassium , vitamin C , thiamin and riboflavin as well .

Saffon contains natural dye crocin , a carotenoid that makes the cuisine becomes golden yellow . Carotenoids are the best source of vitamin A is good for eye health help with repair stem cells and cone cells in the retina . In addition , the research found that carotenoids also prevent age-related cognitive decline .

World of modern medicine found that substances such as carotenoids contained saffron and Safranal ( saffron oil content ) can counteract free radicals cause cancer cells , gene mutation -preventing substance ( antimutagenic ) , immunomodulating , and antioxidant substances . Persian people who use a lot of saffron as aprodisiac food ( additive passion ) .

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