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Is True Assumption Effectively Burn Fat with Treadmill?

How effective exercise to burn fat? Is true assumption effectively burn fat with a treadmill, compared to lifting weights?
One would think that lifting weights is to build muscle while if you want to lose weight, the solution is the treadmill or take classes such as aerobics, and so forth. Which among these exercises that burn fat faster? Or it could be said to be the fastest?

These studies from Wayne Westcott, Ph.D.. D, of the 72 people who were overweight for 8 weeks of training. The respondents were divided into 2 groups. The first group to do 30 minutes of exercise with a bike. The second group did a 15-minute cycle status and added 15 minutes of weight training. The results of the study charter apparently is the only group doing the exercise bike, managed to lose 3.5lbs weight, divided into 3LB fat loss and muscle loss of 0.5lb. On the other hand, group exercise bikes and free weights, managed to reduce the weight of 8lbs, with details lost achieve 10lbs of fat and muscle weight 2lbs.

From this we can conclude that the best way to lose weight is to do cardio plus weight training in any form. Better than you move the class from continuing aerobi body combat, followed by the others. My advice, exercise smarter not HARDER!

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