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Know The Proper Exercise for Burning Fat

Many people want to lose weight fat burning efforts. While much is wrong in trying to burn fat. The question is, what sports? when exercising? for burning fat. Therefore, know the proper exercise for burning fat.

For people who have never exercised, then any sport and at any time will help them. Make blood circulation more smoothly, also increases metabolism. But some of us are exercising half dead weight but still have not reached the ideal weight of a dream. So how does sports settings so that the outcome can be optimized?

Exercises that burn fat is cardio type exercise, such as running, swimming and brisk walking. Lifting weights and sit ups sports dalah forming muscle, not fat burners. 

"You need to understand, do exercise when the stomach is empty, such as jogging or treadmill."

Some people say, if you exercise on an empty stomach, where there is power? I say, we want to burn fat and not burn the food we just ate it? Fat is power 'backup' we. When the reserve will we wear? Surely, if the main power in a discharged condition. That is why if we want to burn fat, always do when the stomach is empty or when your blood sugar is low conditions.
Perform the exercise for approximately 45-60 minutes, and upon completion, instantly eat your breakfast, because you do not want your body to face the shortage of a long day.

But the most optimal way to burn fat in the afternoon is to do weight training for 45 minutes beforehand. After it ends with another sport that you love, whether it's a treadmill, yoga, swimming, or whatever it is. Make sure you lift weights used to burn carbohydrates during the day you consume. And weight training was shown to increase the body's metabolism. And do not be afraid to eat after exercise. It is a must. Do not ever eat after exercise.

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