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How to Shave Vagina Hair Properly

Could shaved vagina with good and healthy is very important for women. Shaved vagina area, unlike in other places, should not be done haphazardly as it may cause irritation. Unlike waxing which is generally done in a special salon, shaving is usually done at home. So know how to shave vagina hair properly.

* Use the shaver is still new to guarantee cleanliness. Hygiene factors are important, to avoid infection itching or redness in the vagina area after shaving.

* Soak, especially in the area of ​​the vagina with warm water, before it was shaved to the skin softer and facilitate the process of shearing. You can soak in the bathtub or douse with shower in the bath.

* Soak the shaver also in warm water or use a shower with warm water before shaving.

* After soaking vaginal area with warm water, find a position that allows us to shave the hair in the area Miss V. Try sitting on the edge of the bathtub with one foot on the edge of the bathtub and one foot in the tub or can sit on a stool.

* Shave in the direction of hair growth. This is to prevent in-grown hair, or hair that grows below the skin surface. You can shave the hair of Miss V area with small scissors, then use the shower to tidy up. It is better not to shave when she was menstruating because more sensitive vaginal area.

* We will tidy up the shaver, apply a shaving gel or foam on the part to be shaved, let stand a few minutes just to do the shaving. Never shave on dry skin condition because it can cause blisters and irritation. You should not shave in the vagina area with shaver, for causing injury prone.

* If the vaginal area itch, relieve the mengompresnya use ice cubes. It can also moisturize the skin with creams that have the effect of refreshing and cool.

* After a shave, do not wear underwear too tight because it blocks air circulation. Put on the dress in loose-fitting and made of cotton, so sweat is not easy to vagina.

* Perform shearing at least once a month in order to maintain vaginal hygiene.

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