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When the Right Time to Drink Red Wine?

You must have known some kind of beverage, for a variety of health benefits. Green tea, milk, or red wine, known as the drink is capable of preventing premature aging. But when the right time to drink red wine? Find out, so you get the largest benefit some beverage.

Red wine
When to drink: Dinner
For dinner at home, you may not provide the usual red wine. But when you are attending a dinner, red wine and served over there, do not hesitate to sip. According to the Journal of Biological Chemistry, piceatannol (a compound produced by the body when you drink a glass of wine), can inhibit the growth of fat cells.

When to drink: Before bed
Apparently, not only babies are allowed to drink milk before bedtime. Adults are also advised to drink before bed. Does this make you sleep more soundly? I do not know. To be sure, will affect both calcium on bone health (preventing bone loss), whereas the protein is good for muscle strength. You will wake up in a state more fit and strong.

Green tea
When to drink: Lunch
By Jonathan R. Cole, MD, medical director of the California Health and Longevity Institute, green tea will boost your metabolism, and help prevent breast cancer. Black tea also has its advantages, including lowering blood pressure, according to research from the University of Western Australia.

Hot chocolate
When to drink: Snacking afternoon
In the afternoon, when it arrives at your snacking, do not forget to add the hot chocolate in your menu. Of course you can drink it in the cold, but hot cocoa have more antioxidant content than coffee, red wine or green tea. In addition, it is also good for the heart and skin health, according to a study from Cornell University.

When to drink: Breakfast
Coffee helps heart health, and reduce the risk of some cancers. If you want to encourage your body's metabolism, choose black coffee without sugar.

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