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How Robert Pattinson Maintain Athletic Body

Let's try to see a healthy lifestyle a young actor Robert Thomas Pattinson. How to maintain fitness and body shape is required. "Running and kickboxing is my favorite sport," he said. Routine activities for ideal body shape is certainly not easy, this is how Robert Pattinson maintain athletic body.

Is spaghetti lovers say that having the ideal body is not easy. "My body must stay within the ideal form, because every role I play demands. I should be more diligent practice and reduce my favorite food, "he added.

Unlike when he played in the Twilight series, the new film titled Bel Ami, Pattinson are required to increase their muscle mass to make it look more masculine. The "vampire" teen idol is also required for high-protein foods 5-6 times a day. These foods include lean meats, soy milk, and egg white.

In addition to running and kicboxing, a man 26 years is also often do bodyweight training on location. "Activities on the set quite solid, so I choose circuit training to save time. Jump squats, crunches, jumping lunges, and squats are the exercise that I normally do on the set. Usually, each as much as I do 10-15 reps, "said the lover Kristen Stewart in

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