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Why Men don't Give a Gift Jewelry for Women?

Most women love jewelry gift from her partner. However, do not expect he would give gifts of jewelry to her partner at the beginning of a relationship. Then why men don't give a gift jewelry for women?
During his life, the late Elizabeth Taylor was constantly bombarded with gifts of jewelry from her husband, as a form of expression of love and attention. But this expression of love as a consideration for today's man. In England, he waited about 32 months, to finally give the couple a gift of jewelry.

Surveys conducted QVC home shopping to more than 2,000 people in Britain find the facts. As many as 65 percent of British women claim to have never received a gift of jewelry for the last 12 months. While 44 percent of women feel confident, the other will give a gift of jewelry in the near future.

Many factors that make men delay to give a gift of jewelry to her partner. One in 10 men admitted to worry, a gift of jewelry into a symbol of a more serious relationship, while he was not ready to commit.

Gemma Savage, businessman QVC jewelry customer says, "This research shows British man seriously concerned about giving a gift to a partner. Concerns intention to stop making mistakes men to buy their partner a gift of jewelry."

British men also worry about the wrong in choosing jewelry models, which do not taste their partner. Buy jewelry that is not favored women, a problem which men try to avoid. Impact, men tend to delay the intention to buy jewelry.

In addition to a variety of reasons, men also do not buy jewelery gifts for financial reasons. As many as 16 percent of men admitted that prices tend to be expensive jewelry makes them discouraged buying jewelry gifts. On the other hand, as much as six percent of men claimed to fear their partner will leave him, because never give a gift of jewelry.


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