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3 Basic Principles Maintaining Marriage Relationship

Marriage is a time of happiness. On the other hand to keep marriage relationship, sometimes be difficulties. Many common factors devastating and cause of divorce.
According to the study, the most difficult in the first five years of marriage. However, no guarantee when you work through the storm of marriage in the first years, the road ahead be smooth. There are 3 basic principles maintaining marriage relationship.

Try to Romantic
A little act of romance. Probably not something that means, but it could be the fuel to keep the flame of love in your marriage together.
  • Do it spontaneously, as a small surprise will be felt more romantic than something you want to be too long.
  • In the midst of a routine, set aside time to do anything crazy ever make you both falling Deeply in love.
  • When saying, "I love you," say with sincerity, not because the words have become routine.

Discuss fixed
Talk and be open. No matter how many years of your marriage age, communication is the main thing to have.
  • No loss of the subject is evidence that the communication is still there. Choice of topics can be anything, as long as you and your partner can still be both a casual chat.
  • Communication is the embodiment of moral support in the issues facing husbands and wives. Gives support quietly, or do not want to interfere will the problems facing the couple, is the initial symptom of ignorance.
  • For sensitive matters, such as salary or expenses issue, should be able to be openly discussed. If not, think again, what's wrong with you both during this communication?

Mutual Respect
Not only routinely declare I love you in pairs, keeping good name, dignity, and privacy is a form of sublimation of love that can be given a wife to the husband and otherwise.
  • Shield themselves from the temptation is not only so as not to fall into an affair, but also for the sake of your own family name.
  • Openness among good friends are not supposed to beat the wall of privacy of personal life. Although discussed scientifically, you're sure the story about your husband will not be scattered all over the place?
  • Involved in the plans of the long term is a form of openness of the husband and wife, as well as respect for each partner.

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