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Warm Lemon Ginger Tea Can Ease Flu

Surely there is a natural herb to cure influenza disease that is easy to attack the body when fatigue, or bad weather. Decreased stamina and frequent sneezing? Maybe it's a sign you have a cold. Flu to be one of the easiest diseases to attack humans, when the weather starts unfriendly. If you already have a cold, do not rush to take random drug. Try to cope with warm lemon ginger tea can ease flu.

Additional ginger into the tea is nutritious warm the body, while the lemon serves to relieve the symptoms of flu. Add honey to it as a natural sweetener to make it more enjoyable and refreshing.

2 bags of ginger tea bags (if none can use fresh ginger slices that have been crushed)
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons honey
2 cups hot water

How to make:
  1. Put the ginger tea bag in a pot, add the lemon juice and honey into it.
  2. Pour hot water into it, and let stand for 10 minutes so the water changes color.
  3. Serve in warm.

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