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Story of Weight Loss Within 22 Days

How to lose weight in a short time as it is not possible, let alone to form a slender body. About this story, I was also surprised. Amelia a 19 year girl can be lose weight in 22 days. She wasn't satisfied with the body still "fat" belly fat plus the disturbing appearance, diet and intense training did he live to realize his dream of reaching the ideal body. This is the story of weight loss within 22 days.

Before getting to know a healthy diet, Amelia Liiuchay, had already been familiar with fitness world. She realized that in fact other than fitness, regular diet is also very influential on the results of his diet.
Amelia had come down with a diet as much as it is not inconsequential. Success to lose weight and shrink the stomach, and form a toned body ideal is achieved through a healthy and proper way, the discipline in diet and regular exercis.

Circuit Training and Treadmill
Within 22 days of his body-building program, Amelia underwent training 2 times a day. Every morning after waking, Amel started the day by doing circuit training which consists of five movements are squats, triceps dips, squat thrust, push ups and jumping jacks.
In the afternoon, back in training with a duration of 1 hour of 30 minutes of weight training plus 30 minutes of cardio exercise (treadmill) to burn body fat.

Oatmeal, Vegetable, and Chicken Breast
In order to get ideal body dreams, She began to apply a healthy diet, by eating 'clean', in which he only eats the emphasis on eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, steamed chicken breast, and avoid fried and fatty or sugary foods.

During the first 3 days through diet, Amelia consume 2-3 tablespoons of oatmeal every 3-4 hours. Furthermore, Amel also started eating protein derived from chicken breasts as much as 200-300 grams a day, coupled with the oatmeal and vegetables (carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, and sprouts) for sources of good carbohydrates.

Hopefully in the story can be inspire us all to adopt a healthy diet to lose weight, trim the excess fat in the body, shrink the stomach, and finally get the coveted ideal body shape!


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