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Alternative to Detect Breast Cancer with Ultrasound

An easy choice for detecting breast cancer, is by ultrasonography (USG). In the early symptoms of an earlier, stage of tumor growth in a woman's breast can be quickly detected. With a little effort can easily hopefully prevent breast cancer is getting worse. So there is an alternative to detect breast cancer with ultrasound.

According to the research scientist who led the United States Wendie Berg of Magee Women's Hospital in Pittsburgh. Berg said, the women are at higher risk of breast cancer, mammography does not work as well in women with dense breasts. 

Berg in the journal of the American Medical Association, said most women are aware of this risk is to choose a chance of finding cancer early if it indeed exists. Recommendations from cancer organizations and radiology suggest, women at high risk of cancer, including BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations, a magnetic resonance image (MRI) in addition to yearly mammography.

The study involved 2700 women at 21 sites. After research, found 111 new cancer cases, 59 cases identified during mammography. A total of 32 other tumors not seen on mammography, but was found by ultrasound.

Breast cancer is not aware of a threat to most women. Although these diseases rarely attack than diabetes, but prevention is better earlier.

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