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7 Ways to Cure Body Aches Without Medicine

Often aches in certain body parts, it is very troubling. The pain will force us to cease their activities or seek a cure, but the fact that the older, the body will be vulnerable to attack aches. Forms of painful can vary, can be attacked at different places and represent a variety of health problems.

Here are 7 ways to cure body aches without medicine. This is an alternative way to do if you do not like taking any painkillers.

1. Meet the needs of vitamin D
Vitamin D deficiency may contribute to chronic aches. The average person needs about 200 IU vitamin D per day, but for those aged 50 to 70 years the need for vitamin D increased to 400 IU per day. For those who have tread the age of 70, needs vitamin D to 500 IU.
Vitamin D can be obtained from food sources of fish, and the extract in body with the help of sun light in the morning.

2. Inhaling the aroma of green apples
Research carried out the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, USA, instruct the participants - who are sick at the same time a migraine - to sniff the smell test tube containing a green apple. The result shows, the condition of those who inhale the smell of green apples is improved compared with those who do not inhale the smell of green apples. The researchers assume, given by the aroma of green apples is able to compensate for the muscle contractions that occur in the head and neck, thus providing a sense of relief in the head.

3. Meditating
The experts in this field think, meditate for about an hour can help relieve painful. Meditation can also improve brain activity in areas such as the anterior cingulate cortex, anterior insula and orbito-frontal cortex. These three areas are part of the brain in charge of mapping the various forms of pain that is received by the brain of nerve signals to various parts of in body, sehinnga can prevent the frequent occurrence painful

4. Balneotherapy
Balneotherapy is a kind of hydrotherapy, which means a bath using warm water or mineral water. Mineral water, which used form of magnesium sulfate or Epsom salts, capable of flexing muscles. Both magnesium and sulfate, a mineral that is easily absorbed by the skin, and studies have shown that the amount of magnesium in body will increase after a bath using plenty of water containing Epsom salt. In addition, balneotherapy can also increase blood circulation and relieve inflammation

5. Breathing techniques
Relaxation by deep breathing can help relieve headaches, back pain, joint pain, and pain caused by cancer yagn. Breathing techniques can be used to ease the pain of mind so the body can be reduced, this can occur by considering the relationship between mind and body.

The trick, really breathe for a count of four, try to fill your lungs with air from bottom to top by pushing your stomach, then followed until it reaches the bottom of the rib cage until you are sure the chest is full of witchcraft air, hold for three seconds, then exhale. Breathing can distract you from pain.

Most of the pain will come and go, and some are less likely to go away. If it happens (the pain did not go away), it means you need to get treatment against pain. 

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