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5 Causes Unexpected of Headaches

Each year, approximately 90 percent of the global population suffer from of headaches at least once, ranging from mild to chronic. WHO even mention of headaches is the most rare disease are not diagnosed and treated.
About 40 percent of people suffer of headaches severe headache, recurrent, or unberable. Causes of headache itself is very much, but most often is due to stress and nasal congestion. Even so there are several causes of aches is not realized, these are some things 5 cause unexpected of headaches.

1. 3D movies and television
Film and television that has the technology of three-dimensional (3D) is now in vogue. In fact, the images in the film can cause eye strain and headache triggers.
"The illusion that we see in 3D movies are not calibrated the same in the brain as the eye sees. As a result of the brain work harder and in some people this will cause head aches," said Dr.Deborah Friedman, an expert eye of the University of Rochester Medical Center , New York, USA.

2. Chewing chewing gum in a long time will cause stress on joints and muscles of the jaw bone meeting with a skull head that trigger pain. In addition, the candy that contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame can also trigger headaches.

3. Electromagnetic pollution
Are you close to the settlement of high voltage power source? Or are you close to the bed of electronic equipment such as televisions, computers, or radio? If so, electromagnetic pollution emanating from these objects can cause headache pain.

4. Sedative
Some types of pain medication alias painkiller can cause headaches because they contain substances including caffeine combination. Eating habits can cause pain recurred effects disappear once the effects of the medicine. Therefore make it a habit to take a single pain reliever, such as aspirin or ibuprofen.

5. Weather
The study, published in the journal Neurology says the hot weather and low barometric pressure will trigger a headache.


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