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7 Ways How to Get Rid Foot Odor

In addition to armpit odor, foot odor is also a serious problem that caused feeling embarrassed when removing shoes in public, of course, because odor feet. This is due to sweat, which triggers the bacteria inside the shoe.
According to the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, the problem was pleasant aroma in the legs usually caused by bacteria and fungi in the shoe, which enter through the skin. But you need not worry, because this problem could be overcome by  7 ways how to get rid foot odor.

1. Use  antiperspirant  at your feet
Antiperspirant is a cosmetic preparation used for the purpose of narrowing the pores thereby reducing perspiration. Antiperspirants work to block the channel leading to the sweat glands. This helps prevent sweat reaches the skin and helps reduce odor.

2. Wash the feet with water and baking soda
Add a few baking soda to soap and water when you wash your feet. Baking soda will not reduce sweating, but can reduce the amount of odor produced. Besides using it to wash your feet, baking soda can also use to to wash your shoes and socks. Baking soda will help absorb some of the unpleasant odors.

3. Wear cotton socks
If foot odor always has been a regular problem for you, use Katika socks you wear shoes. No socks, sweat on the feet, usually will go directly to the shoe. Socks to help absorb sweat and can reduce bacterial growth in the shoe. Socks made of cotton or wool is the best choice, because both these materials absorb sweat better than nylon socks. Make sure your feet are completely dry before swearing socks. Wearing wet socks can cause foot when damp and  trigger bad odor.

4. Use soap acne with Benzoyl Peroxide 10 percent
Bacteria are the cause of foot odor, use antibacterial soap acne seems to help. Look for acne soap with benzoyl peroxide content of 10 percent, which can reduce the bacteria.

5. Put the paper into a shoe dryer
Placing paper dryer in the shoe may seem strange, but it can help absorb foot odor. Dryer sheet will help eliminate odor and keep your shoes still smell fresh.

6. Rub the legs with cornstarch
Prior to wear socks, you can sprinkle cornstarch on the feet. Cornstarch to help absorb the sweat, which causes the odor. Make sure your feet are completely dry prior to moisten it with cornstarch and do not forget to apply it on the sidelines of the toes.

7. Replacing the shoe often as possible
Replacing the shoe as much possible can help reduce bad odor in the feet. At the very least, try to avoid wearing the same pair of shoes two days in a row. When your shoes are wet from sweat, it takes several hours to completely dry.

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