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12 Habits to Know Cause of Aches

Each person must be experiencing pain in your body aches. Many things that cause aches in the body. Parts of the body  are usually attacked aches, such as head, back, arms, neck and legs. 
Incidence of pain is not necessarily due to disease in the body, but could be due to what we do, so take your worries, if attacked aches. 12 habits to know cause of aches.

The WebMD site, exposed many things that can trigger aches. Fortunately, aches or pain can be reduced or prevented by following simple steps are.

1. Drive
Such as work benches, get used to adjust the car seat before traveling. Location of car seats are too far to the rear will make the body tries to move forward while holding the steering wheel, so that the position of the head is farther away from, back support. As a result, there is pain the neck.
Solution: set the car seat with the right position, so that the head and lower back can be propped up as well. Make sure the wheel is within easy reach, so that the arm slightly bent and relaxed.

2. Video Games
Currently outstanding are many video games that make players participate actively engaged. Unfortunately, if you do not really do it, risk of injury, such as sprains and torn ligaments.
Solution: before playing, warm up and stretch. Make sure the room is quite spacious, so as to prevent us from tripping over or bumping into other objects. Make sure not to play video games longer than the usual sports daily.

3. Hair binding
Tie your hair using a headband or tight enough to trigger or exacerbate headaches. While the use of a tight hat can make migraine sufferers are more sensitive to pain.
Solution: If not too crucial, avoid the use of hats that are too tight. So is the hair tie. Cut hair shorter can be the solution so you should talk often tie up her hair.

4. Cheese
Cheese, including nutritious food and contributing to the body of calcium. Only the king, old cheese like blue cheese, cheddar, parmesan, and swiss can trigger headaches.
Solution: create a record list of foods that diasup to help see the connection between food and headaches. That way, you know what foods are best avoided.

5. Sleep position
When a new feeling pain when I wake up in the morning, observe the back sleeping position. Certain sleep positions can cause pain. Ieher risk sleeping on his stomach twist, while the sloping bed crushed by hand to make one's head.
Solution: try a little arm below the shoulder (not crushed) while sleeping on his side. Instead, place a pillow between your knees to support the lower back. For those who like to sleep on their backs, put a pillow under the neck and below the knee.

6. Beverages
Alcoholic beverages can lead to aches. Red wine, whiskey, beer, and champagne is the drink that is often blamed as the cause of headaches.
Solution: avoid alcoholic beverages. If you can not, limit your intake.

7. Lifting the wrong position
Most people, unknowingly, frequently lifting objects the wrong way. Body bent forward while taking the goods from the bottom and then pull back when lifting. This method is very wrong and potentially cause back pain.
Solution: remove the goods to the proper position. Here's how: bend your knees and hips until your body like a squatting position. Make sure your back straight. After that, grab and lift objects with your leg muscles while tightening the knee and hip.

8. Work desk
Often spend time at your desk? Try to place the order again. Bad seat position can cause you to bend forward, so that the neck and back become strained. The monitor is too low or too high will also make the neck tighten.
Solution: place the monitor with the top of the screen at eye level. Create the position of chair in such a way that we can sit with legs straight and hit the floor. Use the pads to the back buffer when needed.

9. Eye strain
Headache, which was centered in the back of the eyebrow can be caused by eye strain. Eye strain occurs when we have uncorrected vision problems.
Solution: schedule an eye exam to find out whether you need corrective lenses or not. If you already use glasses, maybe it's time to replace with a new size.

10. Stress
Stress contributes to many kinds of aches. Many people worry when back muscles tighten, making chronic back pain. Most headaches are caused by tension stems from stress. Stress can play a role in menggeretakkan teeth and make aches of the jaw.
Solution: do relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga. If the aches or the pain still persists, call your doctor for further treatment.

11. Weather changes
Weather changes such as increased temperature or displacement of the conditioned space to the outside, while the sun is shining bright, can also trigger the occurrence of migraine or headache.
Solution: Since we can not control the weather, be aware of any changes that could create headaches. If a headache comes as a sudden temperature change, try to neutralize the temperature for a few moments in a place where temperature is not too extreme before exiting or entering the room.

12. Skip meals
Skipping meals causes your blood sugar down. Not just cause stomach growls, the number of people who miss meals can trigger headaches.
Solution: Do not skip meals. Fill your food intake, for a main meal and snack, a nutritious all day.

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