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Recognize the Signs of Baby Hunger

When you first have a baby, then you've become a mom to be able to take care of the baby. A baby can only cry, because you have to understand it. What baby signs? one example is when he's hungry cry, recognize the signs of baby hunger, so you are right to breastfeed.

Signs when the baby was hungry

1. When your child hungry, restless sleep will start. He is also so often stretched and a lot of moves.
2. Because too many moves, breathing will become irregular and shallow.

3. The easiest sign given the baby when she is hungry, she kept her mouth open as if to eat. In addition, she will also lick-lick or put your hand into his mouth.

4. To ascertain whether he was crying because of hunger or due to any other cause, you can touch the lips. If he opens his mouth as his lips touched, it means he is hungry.

5. Babies will show sucking movements with his mouth and tongue when hungry.

6. Babies will be restless and often twisting his head in all directions to look for your breasts.

7. When hungry, crying sound frequencies will be more frequent. line with the movement of his eyes blink more often and faster (rapid eye movement).

8. When the baby is crying because of hunger, the mother can also feel it. Often the condition of the mother's breast milk is full of a natural sign that your baby is hungry and eager to suckle.

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