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Short Hairstyles 2013 Trying to See

In 2013, the short hair is more diverse models provide many options for women perform according to taste. Start retro 40s era elegant and sexy, short hair style Cyndi Lauper or Madonna of the '80s punk style of edgy and trendy, bold, asymmetrical short hair, short hair bob too feminine and sexy. Short hairstyles 2013 trying to see.

Retro Hairstyle
Short hair is not the main choice in the era of the 40s. Short hair is more to the era of the short version of the wavy medium haircut. This style highlight the elegant woman. With this hair style also focused attention on the face gives the illusion of the neck making it look longer.

In 2013, again a trend of retro style, but of course there is a modern twist on this classic style. If women in the 40-60 age tended her hair back, retro style of the modern era have full hairdressing at the crown and bangs are longer. Pixie Model of the 60's era is also a choice of retro style hair styling trends for this year. With a short super model that frames the face.

Punk and asymmetric
For those who want to look trendy and bold different with short hair, punk and asymmetrical style could be other options. Inspired by the 80's, short hairstyles punk style was popular back in 2013. Cyndi Lauper, Madonna became a source of inspiration in that era. High confidence you need to have to emulate these punk short hairstyles. Women who choose this style obviously has a strong character and unusual dare to be different.

In addition to the model punk, short hairstyles asymmetrical also give a different look. If you dare, you can choose this style because the punk and asymmetrical a 2013 short hair trend that has been chosen among celebrities.

We suggest choosing a hairstyle is modern-edgy if you really have a fit lifestyle as well consider your face shape. For those of you who have a round face shape or hearts, punk models suitable for you. If your square face shape should choose short hairstyles asymmetrical.

Bob Hairstyle 2013
Classic short hair cut in a bob also returned a trend. His style is diverse, can be bumpy like 40s era vintage suggests. You can set it with an elegant style suitable for a formal appearance, or with a sexy curly hairdo.

Bob a sexy style from the '60s era can also be another option. You want a short bob hairstyle with bangs, or a more modern bob with shorter pieces on the back and longer in the front? No need to feel free to explore, variety of short bob hairstyles back so this trend in 2013.

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