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His Smile Easily Make Women Dissolved

How strong is the influence of a smile of man on a woman? Greatly impacted, even his smile easily make women dissolved. Research from the University of Granada showed that women tend to obey him if he emits smile on them.

Reaction women see smile of a man, on many occasions it was recorded by the researchers.
In one experiment, he placed in a dominant position and give orders. At such times, more women will follow orders if he smiled at them. In addition, women also seems to put herself on the submissive side when he smiled at them. Behavior of the man regarded as the warmth, and the reason why women responded shyly.

These findings are likely due to women more dependent on body language when making decisions.

"Even when there is a mismatch between what is said and what is conveyed through body language men, women will choose to assess body language," says body language expert Patti Wood. "If they see the smiles, the interaction would be more fun."

Patti themselves suggest to women to not get dissolved by smiling men, especially when they are at work. To prevent you from being manipulated by their smiles, you should avoid yourself smiling. Because, smiling even make women look even lower.

"If you smile while providing an important statement, it makes you weaker statement," said Patti. "Think before you respond to verbal language. If a man says something sexist you an even smile, he would feel it is fine."

Overall, Patti suggested that women no longer rely solely on a man's body language to make a decision. Furthermore, they should be aware of their own body language.

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