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Don't Panic When the Child was Spotted During Lovemaking

Perhaps the time had no idea in times having sex, the child suddenly entered the room. You will be a bit of panic, don't panic when the child was spotted during lovemaking.
Of course you are afraid of "hot scenes" are recorded in the the child's mind, then he will be raving to his friends.But, take it easy. Before you panic, apply the following two ways:

1. Ask the children to leave the room
Instinctively, usually immediately yell or scold your child to hide the shame. However, Dr Rajan Bhonsle, director of the Heart To Heart Counselling Centre and the dean of the Institute of Human Technology, India, advise not to rush such a vent emotions. Instead, ask your child to leave the room with a firm and wise, but not angry.

Then, get them talking outside the room. Maybe they will feel frightened by what happened, but you have to convince them that the event is not one of them. "If necessary, apologize to the child because you forgot to lock the door and promised not to repeat it again," he advised.

2. Explain to the child
Bhonsle said that shame is the first visible reaction when it happened. "But we have to understand that sex is a part of the conjugal life. In this situation, parents should need to talk to children about this, rather than nothing," he advised.

According Bhonsle, silence will only lead to different perceptions in the minds of children. Children from each age group has different thoughts and reactions to situations like this. It is very important to talk to them to remove the doubts and misunderstandings between them. However, make sure to be open, and adjust the conversation to their age.

For example, at the age of three years. When parents are in a position to see the "weird", they concluded it was an act of violence, which led to his father or his mother injured. This can lead to feelings of fear, or they are afraid of you. Tell your child that no one will get hurt in the process.

Important also explained to children from a young age that after marriage, each partner takes personal time in which children can not take part. Do not forget they get used to knock first before entering your room.

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