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Using Lotion or Skin Moisturizer at Night

For skin care, what the benefits of wearing lotion at night.  Is using lotion at night is good for the skin? just using lotion or skin moisturizer at night that the recommended.
Many people think that the most effective use lotion after showering when. And, in a day you may use lotion after showering twice.

Benefits of skin lotion at night

1. skin regeneration
In order for the skin look more radiant skin also requires a process of regeneration. The process of regeneration or renewal of these cells occurs at night when we sleep. This is actually a skin cell regeneration takes place every time, but at night the skin regenerate two more times.

For cell regeneration, skin needs help of some vitamins and active ingredients to make it more effective," he added. Use lotion before bedtime will help provide energy in the form of vitamins and other active ingredients.

Only, it must be remembered that the selection of lotions for the evening is not the same as a daily lotion. When choosing a night lotion, try to choose a lotion that contains fatty acids and vitamin B3 higher to keep skin moist.

2. Keeping humidity
Use lotion at night will help reduce the loss of water vapor that is too much. In the evening the trans epidermal water loss (evaporation) of water from the skin will be increased by 25 percent compared to the morning or afternoon. Loss of moisture in the skin will be higher, especially in the open (not covered with clothing) such as legs, arms, and face.

Applications lotion will help reduce levels of water evaporation from the skin while we sleep. Losing too much moisture will make skin sensitive and dry.

3. Easily absorbs the active ingredient
The night is the most effective time to apply a range of beauty products. Due to the night, the skin will more easily absorb the active ingredients.

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