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5 Signs You're Experiencing Severe Stress

Stress, psychological illness may be the cause of disease in a dangerous, just as high blood pressure and heart. The stress will be easily dizzy and angry, even to despair. So what the symptoms of stress? learned, 5 signs you are experiencing severe stress.

1. Gag
Stress and anxiety can also trigger vomiting. Nausea and vomiting will be experienced over a period of time. It usually starts at the same time every day. How to cope with a lot of rest and drink water (vomiting can cause electrolyte loss), and then find a way to calm down or eliminate the source of your stress, such as meditation or walking.

2. Hair loss
There are many reasons that your hair may fall out. Stress is one of them. Among the conditions associated with stress-induced hair loss is alopecia areata, an autoimmune disorder that causes white blood cells attack the hair follicles, resulting in hair to fall out. Another condition that is triggered by extreme stress over is called telogen effluvium, which is basically characterized by a sudden loss (up 70 percent) hair. This condition is difficult to link the stress of hair loss can occur months after a stressful event, for example, death.

3. Nosebleed
Debate about whether the bleeding triggered by stress. However, research has shown that, in some cases, patients with nosebleeds in stressful situations. In an article in the British Medical Journal bleeding can result from blood pressure spikes are very common when stressed. Keep your blood pressure in check by drinking tea. Occasional escape from the daily hubbub enough to lower your stress level.

4. Easy to forget
"If you look you can not remember the details of the meeting you just do when you are under stress, it could be the effect of shrinking the hippocampus," says Jeffrey Rossman, PhD, psychologist and expert team Chronic stress can expose the hippocampus, a brain region that controls short-term memory hinder the ability of your brain to remember. Dealing with the root causes of stress is the best way to reinforce your memory

5. Weakened immune
Perhaps the most obvious effect of stress on the body's immune system is weak, it happened by a variety of reasons. One of them, catecholemines stress triggers the release of hormones that help regulate your immune system. Prolonged release of these hormones can interfere with the ability of the hormone. A good way to deal with stress and improve your immune system is to exercise, 30 minutes a day.

Anyone not like the events or signs of stress above, so try to live better avoid stress.

source: MNN

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