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Vitamin A Can Resist the Cancer Cells

Cancer cells are difficult to identify because the symptoms of cancer can not be seen or felt. Which obviously everyone not to have cancer were ferocious, just as brain cancer or breast cancer. Vitamin A can resist the cancer cells, it was found that vitamin A is able to fight the cancer cells seed.

Retinoic acid deficiency which is a derivative of vitamin A, will cause prostate cancer cells to become stronger. "If the levels of vitamin A in the body is low, cancer stem cells more powerful and easier to divide. When vitamin A is fulfilled then the cancer cells easily killed by chemotherapy," said Norman Maitland of the University of York.

Maitland and his team now continues to examine the benefits of vitamin A in the treatment of cancer. He said the use of low-dose vitamin A has a stronger impact.

"The doctors have been using vitamin A to kill cancer cells, but what we need is to use vitamins to transform cancer cells so that they are easier to kill," he said.

Although the study does not related to the intake of vitamin A from the daily diet, but observed that high levels of vitamin A in the body could help cancer treatment therapies.

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