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Good Food While maintaining a Slim Belly.

Women want to get a way to create a slimmer belly, so it looks sexy and interesting. In addition to sports, one of the means used to achieve this is to exercise and keep eating. Know the type of good food while maintaining a slim belly.

Generally the best way to avoid the accumulation of belly fat is to avoid the consumption of soda, alcohol, oil, salty foods, and fats. According to Dr. Timothy S.Harlan, Medical Director of the Tulane University School of Medicine, USA, revealed all these foods will slow down the stomach and intestines to digest and empty.

1. papaya
several studies revealed that the enzyme content in papaya can help aid digestion. To better serve delicious papaya cubes with a mixture of plain yogurt at breakfast. Papaya can also dikreasikan for dessert, panacotta Mass or mashed papaya fresh delights.

2. "Oatmeal"
According to Harlan, oatmeal has a lot of fiber, carbohydrates and vitamins that are useful for digestion. He was advised to eat oatmeal at breakfast or process them for some food.

3. yogurt
Be sure to have the active ingredients in it. The content of micro-organisms will increase the amount of good bacteria in the intestines and helps the intestines to digest food more efficiently. Harlan advised to eat organic yogurt. If you need extra sweetness, add just a few tablespoons of strawberry jam into it.

4. asparagus
Asparagus contains probiotics in it. The content of this probiotic will relieve gas buildup in the stomach. Diuretiknya properties will reduce the excess water from your body useless.

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