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Body Scent Signs and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Reportedly that Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) was issued a different body scent. This scent can be recognized by women with only sniff scent of his body. There is a notion of body scent signs and sexually transmitted diseases.
But once that assumption is derived from the study of animals. The study, conducted by researchers from the Russian and published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. This study used mice and humans as objects. Male mice emit a distinctive smell of STDs will not be approached ooleh female mice.

Then try the same thing applied to humans by taking a sample of saliva and body scent 34 men aged 17-25 years from Russia. 13 of the object is affected by gonorrhea (STD caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae), 16 healthy men again, and five more men were former PMS sufferers had fully recovered.

Biological samples to 34 men is then sewn into a T-Shirt which is then stored in glass bottles. The sample is then sniff by 18 women aged 17-20 years who participated in the experiment. They were then asked to rank each scent.

As a result, 50 percent of these women categorize men's body scent with a PMS sufferer 'stink.' It also indicates if humans could recognize the smell of a potential partner, in this case do not suffer from PMS.

Our research concluded that if an infectious disease reduces interesting scent in humans, "said Mikhail Moshkin, a professor at the Institute of cytology and Genetics in Russia.
We can conclude if the unpleasant scent of the people who have an STI can reduce the number of couples who are at risk.

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