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Changes in Body Shape After Childbirth

There are some changes in the body that will be experienced by mothers after childbirth. Changes changes in body shape after childbirth is common in women, but if do not know cause a little confusion. Even though you're mentally ready to be a mother, you might be surprised to realize some of these bodily changes that occur:

Big tits
Breast changes pregnancy has actually been going on ever since. Postpartum dream to have a breast that contains the materialized because the mammary glands are producing. Besides, most of the body fluid flow to the breasts to produce milk. Sometimes breast augmentation raises uncomfortable feeling. Ceramic with more frequent feeding or mengompresnya with warm water.

Looks like still pregnant
Some women take their clothes to the hospital before pregnancy and after childbirth physique hoping they will return slim as usual. In fact, postpartum belly still looks the same as when four months pregnant. It happens because in the early weeks after birth, the skin and the abdominal muscles are stretched as when pregnant. New uterus will gradually shrink back.

Must pass through during childbirth
Although the body was recovered, but new mom still need the self cleaning process for 40 days, or as referred to during childbirth. At this time the vagina is still bleeding, both women who had a normal delivery or caesarean section. At the time of childbirth, the cervix or cervical partially open so it is not advisable to have sex because of the risk of infection.

Hair loss
Hair follicles have a natural cycle and will fall in a period of time. During pregnancy, the hair follicle cycle runs longer so less hair loss. The opposite will happen after the baby is born, many hair follicles are dead at the same time so that the hair loss is more. Condition called postpartum hair loss is only temporary, unless the mother postpartum depression.

Changes in vaginal
At birth, the vagina opened and in general will not be back 100 percent of the original size. But it will not change the elasticity. In fact, the pelvic muscles will get stronger and increasingly tight. You can help speed up the process with Kegel exercises.

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