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Obesity Can Reduce Sperm Quality

Quality sperm of male became  problems who want to have children. Provided you know that obesity can reduce sperm quality. It is if you are not sure of the condition of the quality of sperm, whether your weight obesity.
Health experts have focused on women's health and weight loss as a determinant of pregnancy. The new study found that men who terlu fat mempenagruhi success sperm quality.

This research was conducted by experts from the University of Melbourne reproduction. They studied about fertilization in animals to determine the effects of obesity on the father of the embryo in the womb and fetal growth.

Natalie Binder, head of research, creating embryos from male rats of normal weight and overweight. These mice were fed the equivalent diet for 10 weeks. The findings from this study, mice that have more weight or obese greatly influenced the development of eggs, also negatively impact the success of the embryo into the uterus.

"We found that delayed fetal development of an obese father. In animals, the embryo implants into the uterus rate dropped to 15 percent," said Binder. In addition, placental weight and fetal growth lower.

The level of obesity in men of reproductive age, according to the WHO, more than tripled in the last three decades. Information from this study is particularly important as a record of the men to care about her weight. Especially, if they want to start a new family.


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