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AIDS Like Illness is Not Contagious

AIDS like illness is not contagious. Scientists identify new news mysterious illness that has symptoms similar to AIDS even though the person is not infected with HIV. The disease is found in some people in Asia and the United States.

AIDS-like illness symptoms, among other things, damage to the immune system so the body is able to fight off viruses and bacteria as well as healthy people. The trigger is unknown, but the disease is not thought to be contagious.

According to Dr. Sarah Browne, scientists from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, a mysterious disease is another form of immune disorders that are not revealed, but it is not spread by viruses like AIDS.

Browne doing research in Thailand and Taiwan, where the disease is found since 2004.

"It's very exciting. Past 10 years, I've seen at least three patients," said Dr. Dennis Maki, an infectious disease specialist of the University of Wisconsin in Madison, USA.

Maki said, there is still the possibility of certain infections trigger this mysterious disease although the disease itself is not contagious between people.

The disease generally affects adults aged about 50 years, but it was not revealed in the family. According to Browne, the majority of patients die from infections incredible.

One patient, Kim Nguyen (62), the Vietnamese who have lived in the U.S. since 1975, was diagnosed with this mysterious disease. He went to the doctor due to a fever that never healed. Since 2009, he also had many strange symptoms. In 1995 and 2009, he was reportedly visited Vietnam.

At first, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Later, he was known to suffer from symptoms of immune system disorder and was treated in hospital for a year Hamir.

AIDS is a disease-specific and cause the immune system of people infected with the HIV virus is disrupted. The HIV virus will destroy T cells, the major forces in the human immune system to fight pathogens.

Meanwhile, a mysterious disease does not interfere with the cells, but caused other damage. In a study conducted Browne to 200 people in Taiwan and Thailand, most patients this mysterious disease that holds the body makes autoantibodies gamma interferon, a chemical signal that helps the body get rid of the infection.

Disruption of chemical signals that will make a person, such as AIDS patients are more susceptible to fungal infection, viruses, and other parasites that are similar to tuberculosis and cause lung damage.

Scientists now call this mysterious disease as immune disorders in adults as it is emerging in old age.

Treatment with antibiotics is not always effective, so doctors usually perform a wide variety of treatments, including cancer drugs to suppress the production of antibodies.

Because the disease is experienced by the majority of oreng Asian or of Asian descent, the experts called genetic factors may play a role in triggering the disease.

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