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Know How to Shampooing a Wrong

Shampooing is one way to care for healthy hair. A good way of shampooing, and right will certainly get the hair healthy and beautiful always, especially for women. Some people there who likes to do in the salon shampooing and some people in their own homes. Maybe some people do not think about how good shampooing. But you should know how to shampooing a wrong.

Less wetting hair . Habits in a hurry in the morning might make you not flushed enough water so that the hair is completely wet. Then, you pour the shampoo on the hair that is still half dry or moist. Like a dirty pan where food debris stuck in it, would be much easier to clean when it is soaked with water. Hair and scalp will be easier to clean when all the parts are wet.

Shampooing hair to the ends. Focus to wash the scalp area where oil is produced. The hair is the most dry. Lather with the shampoo will only absorb more moisture.

Instead, it simply applied the conditioner on the hair shaft and ends that tend to dry. You do not need to lather your hair roots, because it will make it more oily. Mengapikasikan conditioner to the hair root is tantamount to littering your scalp again.

Shampooing too often, or too little. The average person washing hair every other day. But this does not always apply to everyone. There is enough to wash her hair once a week, there also have to shampooing every day. Therefore, identify your hair type and hair type you have should be washed. Experimenting is the frequency of shampooing, then see how it went.

Curly hair tends to be drier and less frequent washing, while the normally straight hair oily faster. If you are classified as more active, and regular exercise routine, you should choose a shampoo with ingredients that is gentle enough to be shampooing every day.

Leaving the residue left on the hair. Often use hairspray or hair foam? If you do not carefully wash it, the remnants of material that hair will accumulate and weigh your hair. Find a shampoo that has the active ingredient to cleanse hair is often styled, but not to remove the natural moisture content of oil obtained from the hair. Hair that has been drained of excess moisture will compensate by producing more oil.

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