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Get the Skin a More Shine

Skin smooth, soft and smooth is the dream of every woman. But did you know that drinking lots of water is enough? It is well hydrated skin is healthy skin characteristics. But that's not the only secret of beautiful skin. So what can you do to get the skin a more shine, fresher skin without smearing a ton of cream? Here are four easy solution:

No one told you to enemy of the sugar. All you need to do is cut the intake. The reason is sugar in the body contribute to the destruction of collagen, so your skin dull and less tight.

From now enter a list of foods that are rich in Omega-3 in your daily menu. Either that, fish, beans, flaxseed bijian.atau. Fatty acids good for the skin, especially for dry skin to moisturize and fight inflammation and infections that cause acne. Mengasup in the form of supplements such as fish oil can also be an option.

Vitamin C is known to slow cell damage aids, block pigmentation and wrinkles. So be sure to mengasup foods rich in vitamin C such as fruits and vegetables dalammnya.

Warm bath feels good, but unfortunately it is not good for your skin. Because hot water can make your skin dry. The opposite of drinking water that can hydrate the skin, lingering shower actually makes the skin dehydrated. Want beautiful skin just do not bathe too long especially with the warm water bath.

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