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Know the Cause Vaginal Discharge and How to Prevent it

One serious problem in women is vaginal discharge. What is the cause of vaginal discharge, is there a food intake that influences the onset of vaginal discharge in a woman? Doctor's statement that the cause is bacteria originated from the lack of cleanliness. So should a woman you need to know the cause vaginal discharge and how to prevent it.

Some causes of vaginal discharge, among others:

1. Infection
* Bacterial, because the use of contraceptives or spiral IUDs, sexual intercourse with multiple partners, etc.. Usually characterized by a thin whitish, grayish white color, and smelled fishy.
* The fungus candida, usually triggered by external factors and the self such as pregnancy, obesity, birth control pills, which decrease the immune system, hot and humid climate, and steroid drugs, antibiotics, or diabetes. Complainant who is white vaginal discharge liquid such as cream, smells, and itching.
* Parasites, commonly Trichomonas vaginalis, which occurs due to illness or sexual contact with a toilet seat or toilet paper that has been contaminated with this parasite. The sign of mucus liquid creamy, thick, frothy, and odorless.
* Virus, caused by sexually transmitted diseases and is regarded as the originator of cervical cancer.

2. Less vaginal hygiene, rinsing the vagina from the wrong direction, ie from the anus toward the front of the vagina.
3. Wearing tight underwear and from synthetic materials.
4. Not leading a healthy lifestyle such as eating irregularly, never exercise, rest less, stress, etc..

There are some diet tips to prevent the discharge:
  • Perform a complete and balanced diet by eating enough carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Consumption of sugar should not be excessive, it is recommended approximately 10 percent of total daily caloric needs (about 2-3 tablespoons / day, including those contained in cooking).
  • Do not consume milk or dairy products to excess, eat as needed. Many people are actually sensitive to milk without ever knowing it.
  • Keep the immune system to meet the need of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and functional foods such as probiotics, prebiotics, omega 3, etc..
  • How about cucumbers, pineapple, and bengkoang? In the nutrient content is not there anything that causes vaginal discharge, but in those who are sensitive to all three meals on the course can lead to excessive vaginal secretions. If supported by the lack of good hygiene, it is very easy to trigger the onset of vaginal discharge.

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