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How to Appear Charming , Identify Your Body!

Attractive appearance to dream of women. Centik looks, sexy and fashionable. But women think, fashion is only for those whose bodies are slender and proportionate. For those whose bodies are large in the hips (pear shape) or greater at the top, do not expect to look stylish.  How to appear charming , identify your body!

Each person is entitled to appear attractive. But, should not by imitating others. When we are comfortable with ourselves, we must also comfortable and do not hesitate to show us. But, do not insist. Each person has a privilege, so we should be able to be yourself.
Each shape has a value of plus and minus. After childbirth, for example, a woman's body shape will change. In order to still look attractive, the key is to accept these conditions. The more you are able to accept the conditions themselves, the more likely we can look attractive.

Suppose you want to look thinner. Try wearing a dress straight model with a belt under the chest. Then wear accessories with a contrasting color to the clothing, so that people's attention more towards accessories.

In style, do not be a fashion victim. Rather than look trendy, better people have their own style to suit their body shape. That means not too terobsisi with fashion trends, but are able to choose the appropriate icon for style inspiration.

The urge to find your own style needs to be done because basically every person must have individual taste. If you have not found your own style, at first you may need a bit of listening to the appearance of the people who you think are interesting. After that, over time we will be able to find our own style and taste.

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