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Increase the Quality of Sperm, for Expectant Fathers

Good quality of male sperm is very important after marriage expecting pregnancy. Problems often lead to fertility problems in domestic conflicts. Actually, couples delay having children is not just the responsibility of women, both partners have the same equal equivalent role. The following specific suggestions to increase the quality of sperm, for expectant fathers.

Just as women experience menstrual disturbances associated with egg production, there is also a husband who has problems with sperm quality condition of the dam. Both of quantity and quality. In the medical field a specialist Andrology is an expert in the field of inspection and handling of the sperm disorder.
If a woman's egg production is affected in the function of hormones, the male - female in producing seed or sperm cells is greatly influenced by the hormone functions as well. There are a variety of hormones that affect the sperm production process, such as the hormone testosterone.

perm quality is supported by a well balanced nutritional condition of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals and fat. By giving special attention to food intake, it is expected that the quality and quantity of sperm will increase. In a Dutch study showed that the number of sperm from a man who had deficiency of folic acid and zinc, can increase after taking 66 mg zinc supplement every day and folic acid 5 mg per day (quote).

Vitamins to increase sperm count and sperm movement, can be obtained from the fruit - fruit that contains vitamin C, vitamin E, among others strowberi, guava, tomatoes, oranges, greens, kiwi fruit Food items that contain beta carotene for mature sperm: Carrots , papaya, mango, dark green vegetables such as spinach, mustard greens, etc..
Source of protein to keep the semen to be healthy, meat, poultry, fish, lamb, beef, etc.

Here are some things related to lifestyle that also need attention to improve fertility and increase the quality of men.
- Exercise regularly, always think positive in order tidakmudah stress.
- Avoid smoking and caffeine, alcoholic beverages starting at least 3 months prior to pregnancy planning.
- Avoid tight underwear.
- Do not overuse hot bath.
- Avoid being overweight or obese, in order to balance the hormone testosterone.
- Treated as early as possible when experiencing problems or urinary tract infections, bloody urine or genital ulcers or other diseases related to hormonal problems.
- No multiple sexual partners
- Get enough rest, when we sleep, the body's cells allowing the new switch is damaged, the body produces healthy cells that support the entire balance in the body.

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