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Know 5 Causes Yellow Teeth

The cause of yellow teeth must keep in mind if you want to keep your teeth white. No yellow teeth in dental care be a priority. So far there has been a procedure for teeth whitening. Of course there are the causes, teeth stained by food or beverages. Therefore, for the sake of white teeth, the following know  5 causes teeth to yellow.

A1Coffee, tea, dark sodas
Statement that the type of beverages that can cause stains on clothing, it can also stain teeth. Automatically trigger a stain teeth yellow teeth. Sport drinks and fruit juices are other causes. That does not mean you should not eat and drink (as coffee, tea, or fruit juice would provide health benefits), only noticed when a sip of the drink. Do not get in contact between the liquid beverage with teeth. It would be better if you drink with a straw. Then, make sure you brush your teeth after eating the food and drink

2. Cigarettes
Smoking does not provide any benefit. Giving health risks, waste money, it also makes your teeth turn yellow enamel. Nicotine in cigarettes will leave permanent brown stain. Have you ever seen a pack of cigarettes with pictures of severe tooth decay, not just a yellow.

3. Berries
Fruits such as blackberries, blueberries, and cranberries, have been bound to its health benefits. However, these fruits will also leave dark stains on your teeth. We recommend that you rinse with plenty of water, during and after eating these fruits. In addition, brush your teeth afterward to prevent the stain left behind. Other pieces will also make a damaged tooth enamel is a bit of fruit (sweet root).

4. Snack before 
Home from work, watching TV in the room with a snack, like a heavenly taste. But if you then drowsy and fell asleep until morning, this is the danger. You not only has the potential to gain weight, but also causes the teeth to be a dark color. This is because saliva production slows while you sleep, so that the food consumed is not cleaned naturally. The result, stains on the teeth and the increased risk of cavities.

5. White top and gold jewelry
Both of these are not directly influence. But try to see, when you are wearing a white top, or accessories of gold, your teeth will tend to look darker. Replace your white top with a cream or ivory colored tops (so the color is darker than the color of teeth). For accessories, wear silver, or other bright colors.

Of course you should already know how to care for teeth to stay white and healthy. Clean between the teeth using dental floss, brush your teeth with toothpaste that suits the health condition of your teeth, and gargle with mouthwash.

Another natural way in terms of food, crunchy fruits such as apples and carrots will enable the flow of saliva in the mouth, and clean teeth naturally. Other healthy snacks such as celery, oranges, broccoli, and cheese, give the same effect because they encourage saliva production, which will wash away the stain plaque. Okay, everyone would avoid yellow teeth, anyone would avoid yellow teeth, and tried to keep the beautiful white teeth always.

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