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Is it True That Cancer Risk for IVF

Is it true that cancer risk for IVF. This statement must be ascertained truth. There are outstanding issues, the fact that the babies easy to get cancer from the results of in vitro fertilization. However, the research team said that the trigger of the high risk of getting cancer test tube baby was probably related to how to conceive this baby.

This case may occur due to genetic factors from parents who turn to IVF because they are infertile, says a team of researchers from Sweden who supported a number of other experts. In addition, in vitro fertilization are also often born prematurely and having breathing problems at birth - traits in other studies associated with an increased risk of cancer.

In the study, the research team led by Dr. Bengt Kallen of the University of Lund, Sweden observing the children that their mother's pregnancy through IVF. 

The results of this latest study published in the journal Pediatrics. The research team analyzed more than 2.4 million births in Sweden between 1982 and 2005, including about 27,000 in vitro fertilization. In addition also analyzed cancer data in children until they are aged 19 years.  

Overall, 53 children born through IVF pregnancies affected by cancer, compared with 38 other children the same age, or the risk is increased 42%. Leukemia and brain cancer became the most common cases. 

Kallen said the reason of association, among others because of unidentified traits in their parents that may be associated with infertility and cancer risk.
Absolute risk of cancer in children is still very low, far below 1%. Possibility of cancer that occurs in vitro fertilization is not large.

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