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Hair Serum for Treatment Every Day

The right hair care, with sought to avoid a bad hair day As a woman looks like a crown, the hair should be well and healthy all the time, not only at particular events. You must already know the benefits of the use of hair serum to keep the scalp. 
We should know about hair serum for treatment every day. Serum specific hair shaft can be used as a daily treatment. Can be applied after washing your hair as well as unwashed hair, but started to feel dry and fluffy.

For daily hair treatment, use shampoo, conditioner or mask, then end with a special serum hair shaft. If you apply the serum to the hair shaft after shampooing, apply serum and rub gently, then dry with a hair dryer, then give it again in much smaller amounts of serum to increase hair luster. You can also use the serum in a state of unwashed hair. But indeed, the result would be best if the serum is used after shampooing.

Use of serum should adjust to the condition of your hair. If your hair tends to a normal or healthy, simply apply 1-2 drops of serum by using the palm of the hand rub, especially at the bottom of the hair shaft. If the hair is very dry, you can apply more serum, up to 10 drops. 

With the use of serum, no need to worry mencatok or dry your hair with the dryer. But, keep in mind, not choose serum, choose the most convenient nutrition for your hair.

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