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Good Sleep to Maintain Beauty

Is there really beauty sleep affect the face or skin. Enough sleep and good health benefits face, and there is the term 'beauty sleep'. Perhaps the fact up in the morning, skin will feel fresh and not dull, and area under the eyes do not look swollen or black like panda eyes. But the question is, what kind of sleep  to maintain the beauty.

Good sleep to maintain beauty, do not believe the first of the 'beauty sleep', the quality and quantity of sleep is really beneficial to the skin and facial beauty. For that we need to know what kind of sleep is good for skin and facial beauty.

Results of research conducted by the British Medical Journal, the real "beauty sleep" is an easy thing to achieve. In fact, apart from the destination to beauty, in fact sleep is also important for overall health. Bedtime is a time when the body's cells regenerate after activities.

For terms of quantity of sleep, there are no standards about how much time would you need sleep in one day. All of that depends on our lifestyle. However, the experts provide a range of numbers 7-8 hours as advice. In terms of quality, sleep that is of very sleep soundly and quiet. There are several things you can do be done in order to sleep soundly at night:

* Condition in an empty room. Get rid of the television or other objects that could cause the noise of the room, so you can sleep soundly.

* Stay away from alcohol. These drinks may help you fall asleep faster. However, research shows that consumption of alcohol can also make people lie awake at night.

* Set the time for dinner. Do not eat at least two hours before bedtime. If you eat food that has been digested it all before going to bed, you'll be able to sleep through the night.

* Reduce the frequency of caffeine consumption. Not only is the coffee that you need to stay away in order to sleep well, because there are several other types of beverages and foods containing caffeine, such as tea and soft drinks.

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