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Jeans are The Most Popular Over 100 Years

In the world of fashion, one outfit that used almost all countries are jeans. For fans of jeans, not to complete it if you do not have the Levi's 501. This is brand of jeans are the most popular over 100 years, for 140 years continues to evolve to stay relevant to the tastes of the new generation. Updates continue to be given, while bringing spirit inherited from the original character of jeans. Jeans are beautifully maintained classic models.

Levi's 501 went on to become one of the most revered fashion item, so called "Fashion Item The 20th century" by TIME magazine.

Initially, 501 was present to meet the needs of the miners will be stronger denim, in 1873. At that time, Levi Strauss and a tailor named Jacob Davis, intends to create jeans (usually called waist overalls or jeans xx) stronger. From their hands to create jeans that fitted copper rivets, Cinch, and buckles at the back waist piece (waistband), and suspender buckles that make pants not easily shift or off.

In the back pocket of jeans, there are Arcuate stitch design, or decorative stitching designs that became his trademark. It is what makes the 501 as one of the oldest trademarks used today. The results of their findings and patented on May 20, 1873, and is now celebrated as the birthday of Levi's 501 denim blue.

Two Horse was released in 1886 shows the development of design 501, which with the addition of leather patch on the back to add the Levi's brand identity. Over time, the design of 501 continues to change and progress. In 1922, for example, introduced point belt (belt loops), since that time the men began to use a belt to his trousers.

However, it never crossed their minds that the denim is designed for miners and cowboys in the American West became one of the most classic fashion item of all time. The simplicity and durability legend that demand for Levi's 501 continued to rise until 1900, and extends to Europe after World War II.

Levi's brand now represents the classic American style and stylish. Series 501 itself is irreplaceable in the history of fashion and has become a cultural icon. Levi's 501 worn by anyone, from rock stars to presidents, from students to technology experts. Over the years,

501 makes the film even as property, such as Marlon Brando wore in the movie 501, The Wild One (1950). Marilyn Monroe also wore in the film The Misfits (1961). During the era of the 1990s to the present, from Kurt Cobain grunge music popularized by the cult teen Rihanna to pop music, to express themselves through their style 501 each.

Success 501 makes a lot of jeans makers emulate. That's why in 1936, Levi's Red Tab add your logo on the back pocket to differentiate these products from the imitatornya. Then, in 1981, Levi's launched a collection of 501 for women.

"Levi's 501 to (of products) sustained because of the need sincerity of the user. Jeans is a work that is truly authentic because it understands the needs of consumers. They who are behind the creation of this product, as in the beginning," said Sumesh Wadhwa, Commercial Director Levi's Indonesia, the launch of the campaign at Mad for Garlic Interpretation, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Tuesday (03/19/2013) then.

There are several things that make a collection of Levi's 501 classic and iconic, such as:

Jeans classical model
This series is called the classical based pieces and color, and its versatile. Men can wear these jeans with folded bottom or not. Another great feature of the 501 is because the user can wear it according to taste, depending on how often they wear and wash. So that the color does not fade fast, users are generally advised not to wash it too often. But if you are happy with the look of jeans that look has long been used, you can regularly get the impression faded wash up as you like.

Strong and durable
Rigid denim, which is used to make these jeans, it's durable. These jeans are "naughty" despite treatment sober, and the stain will usually disappear simply by briefly washed in the washing machine. Generally 501 will start tearing after one to five years (depending on how often you wear it). Only, the color will fade faster before the material started to rot.

Shrink to fit
Clothes are shrinking usually considered defective. But for Levi's, the materials shrink is precisely the discoveries that became his trademark. This is due to Levi's 501 denim used raw or dry denim, made from 100 percent cotton rigid. No addition of other materials are stretched, so you have to buy jeans a size bigger because this material will shrink. Raw denim also has another uniqueness, that will automatically print the wearer's body shape and if cared for carefully.

"Jeans will shrink and fit the shape of your feet, as a second body for you," said Sumesh. In other words, the jeans will be formed not only in the size of the wearer's body, but also the shape of her body.

The color fades beautifully
Raw denim is denim that is not washed after the dyeing process. Along the length of usage, the color will fade in certain places the most under pressure, such as the upper thighs (whiskers), the ankles (stacks), and behind the knees (honey combs). The color fades naturally this is much sought after, and even cause a sense of pride for the fans.

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