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Sleep Naked Without Clothes it Many Benefits

What is the effect or risk if sleep naked, is there a disease that wait? it did not.! if tubvuh in comfortable circumstances, not cold and the wind slammed it straight to bed. In fact, sleep naked without clothes it many benefits. Try examine further the following information.

 More Benefits Sleep Naked

1. Healthy vaginal
Jennifer Landa, MD, author of The Sex Drive Solution for Women, said that women's intimate area is moist. This moist conditions allow many bacteria and fungi to grow. To fix this, there's nothing wrong if you occasionally let go and let the underwear vagina breathe.

2. Sleep more soundly
The clothes you wear while sleeping it will make you feel warmer. However, Lisa Shives, MD, board member of the National Sleep Foundation revealed that during sleep, the body temperature will decrease sharply. This condition will make you sleep more soundly and peacefully. Used clothes and blankets that are too thick will hinder the decrease in body temperature. "Sleeping naked will help your body stay cooler, so it will be more restful sleep," he said.

3. More youthful
Want to look beautiful and look younger? Occasionally try to sleep naked. Natasha Turner, author of The Hormone Diet said, keep your body warm during the night will interfere with the release of melatonin (sleep hormone to identify biological clock) and growth hormone cells (anti-aging hormone). When these hormones are blocked, will not sleep soundly and skin cells will not regenerate.

"When the body temperature begins to fall, the antiaging hormone will be released, so that makes you look more refreshed and youthful," he explained. In addition to making you more youthful, this hormone will also make your hair look more beautiful.

4. Lose weight
When sleep naked, you will feel more restful sleep. This will make your brain reduces the production of the hormone cortisol (stress hormone) during sleep. Reduced cortisol production will be accompanied with a reduction in hunger feeling when you wake up in the morning. "If your sleep is interrupted, the hormone cortisol would be too high, and it causes you to feel very hungry when I wake up in the morning. Sometimes hunger will make your midnight snacking or overeating when you wake up in the morning.

5. More confident
Sleep naked it can also make you become more confident. "You could feel the softness of the sheets and cool air, which in turn can increase your sexy feeling. Feel yourself section will help you to increase your confidence," said Landa.

It seems strange, we ourselves consider if you often sleep without clothes bad effect on lung health. But if you sleep naked while hugging each other and covered spouse, it is more healthy.!

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